Why I decided to start a blog

have a peek at this website You probably didn’t even have this question, but I’m going to answer it anyways — why did I decide to start a blog? Why now? What for?

I actually started blogging years ago when blogging was just an online diary on LiveJournal.com or Blogger.com. It was real, it was raw and I want to continue to have that same presence here. I absolutely love to write and create content, and after putting it off for years, I’m going to do it and stick with it.

It sounds ridiculous, but I waited SO long to “launch” this website because it wasn’t perfect. I couldn’t think of a blog name I liked, so I eventually just went with my name. And funny side story, my name on Instagram has been @stacyehaynes forever, because @stacyhaynes was already taken. The E stands for Elizabeth, my middle name.

Once I decided on the name, putting it together just seemed so daunting. I am not a website designer/developer and I tried to set up a basic WordPress site for a few weeks and eventually gave up and put it off until now. The way my site looks now is not my ideal situation. I have big plans for this blog, but I don’t have the means or funds at the moment to put thousands into making it look the way I want. So for now, we’ll be basic while we get consistent.

I am excited to write more, create more and share more of my life with all of you. I have some fun topics I want to discuss, but I’d also love to hear what you would like to read, watch & see on here. Leave me a comment below!

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